Bianca K.




Originally from Los Angeles, Ca, Bianca K has had a passion for music and singing since she was about 5 years old. Bianca moved to San Francisco to pursue her education and shortly after moving, she met the members of Legends Live Forever and they welcomed her with open arms. From being the groups’ photographer to being a featured artist on songs with Legends Live Forever, she eventually became part of the team. After being featured on songs and being able to get her feet wet in the industry, Bianca was featured came out with a few solo songs and ended up making KMEL’s Home Turf within a week of the release for ‘Give It Up. (U can hyperlink the iTunes song here)’ Since becoming part of Legends Live Forever, Bianca has been able to perform alongside, headline and open up for several talented artists. Although she took a bit of a break to work on her nonprofit organization, The City Eats (can u hyperlink the website plz), she is excited to be writing and working on her debut EP set to release in 2018.

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